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FREEFORM-S | 10’ x 20’

SKU: Freeform_S_200_03
This design allows you to move freely within your space and gives you flexibility to adjust your display shelving as needed based on the show layout or traffic patterns in your booth.

Package Features Included:
  • (6) Slat Wall Adjustable Shelves
  • (6) Platform Bases
  • 10’ x 20’ Standard 16 oz. Carpet
  • Daily Vacuuming
  • Overhead Lighting
  • (2) Electrical Outlets (for lights only, installed behind booth)
  • (2) Power Strips
  • Install and Dismantle Labor
  • Round Trip Shipping (exhibit properties only)
  • Material Handling (exhibit properties only)
*All exhibits and furnishings are subject to availability
We recommend completing the look of your booth by ordering furnishings for your space.
  • Contact us about the opportunity to add technology to your booth. Add a monitor for a front and center focal point for your marketing or product messaging. No matter what your digital needs are, we can source it, estimate it, and add it to your order, with your approval.
  • Consider adding extension cords and additional electrical outlets in your booth for laptops, cell phones, or any other Audio-Visual needs.
Other Available Options – Please refer to your Exhibitor Service Manual to select any furnishings that best suit your needs and style. These include but are not limited to:
  • 3/8" Foam Padding - Rental
  • Literature Racks
  • Wastebaskets
Carpet Standard carpet in colors included
Graphics Graphic printing production included (Click here for Graphic Submission Guidelines)
Vacuuming Daily vacuuming included
A/V Audio Visual/Monitors ARE NOT included in the package but may be easily ordered separately.
I&D Labor for install & dismantle included
Shipping Round trip shipping (of exhibit properties only) included
Handling Material handling (of exhibit properties only) included
Lighting Overhead lighting and electrical (for lights only)
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